Bright Days at Rocky Mountain Pendros High


The Rulez – Don’t give anyone information about Jumpers, Walkers, or Travelers if they don’t already know it.

Mundanes – Mundies
Jumpers – Jump between Dimensions
Walkers – Walk through Planes (Multiple planes in a Dimension)
Travelers – Time Travelers
Dragons – All of them

Find Jon
Paragon – Where Dragons Go (Good Seeds Go To Paragon)
Po – Left over of worlds that did exist, or will exist (Bad Seeds Go To Po)
Kora – What is left over of time
Dragon = Heroes of Existence

When one person leaves, a double replaces them.

Existence (Battle of Entropy)

Portals Back
River Styx – All worlds All realities All time All planes (chaotic and one way)
World Serpent Inn – Walkers and Jumpers will lead you there. Doorways/Hallways that lead to other worlds. Patrons are very powerful and may be members of the doomguard (neutral ground) Ask someone for the right door – Only Dimensions and Planes
Sigil the City of Doors – Sits atop the infinite spire, located in the middle of the eternal planes. An item or phrase will allow you to walk through a doorway to teleport you to Sigil (All Planes, Dimensions, and Times)
Infinite Stairway – Difficult to navigate. (All Planes, Dimensions, and Times),

Doom Guard
3 Types
Accelerationists – The multiverse isn’t progressing towards entropy fast enough.
Decelerationists – Presense of life is the natural state. They oppose entropy to preserve life.
Statists – Everything should stay the same.

Don’t Break Masquerade
No Making Kids
No Diablre

Spena Warriors – Invictus Knights.
Infused and Mages – Residential Areas

Remove the Queen from power.




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