(PC) Jaru Lee

A great martial artist, Jaru Lee's home life couldn't be better


I drew an 8


Acuity 4d6

Body 5d6

Heart 4d6

Will 4d6

Selected Background: Well-Rounded


Martial Arts Is My Life 3d8
Protector 1d6
I Don’t Like Bullies 1d4
I Love My Family and Friends 1d6
I Love Music 1d6
I Love the Outdoors 1d6
Martial Arts Humility 3d6

Relationships holding 4d6 and 2d8 reationship dice

Neightus Lee 1d6 (d4 next conflict wth dad)
Marin Lee 1d6
Arianna Lee 1d6
Robert A Ganoosh 1d6
Viktoria Wolfe 1d6
Gauge Chamberlain 1d4
Zoe Maximoff 1d6


Motorcycle 2d6
Scarf made by Arianna
Smart Watch 1d6


Personal Belief
The Teachings of Bruce Lee 1d6
Personal Sin
Irrational Anger 1d6

Control Your Anger
1 XP when… I talk about my anger issues
5 XP when… I don’t let my anger hurt people
20 XP when… Learn to channel my anger

1 XP when…
5 XP when…
20 XP when…

Knight 1d6
Competitor 1d6

Adore it: My Sister, My Family,
Love it: Martial Arts, A Good Challenge,
Like it: Friends, Campfire nights

Despise it: Bowie Chips, Bullies
Hate it: My Anger
Dislike it: Failure


Give me fuel, Give me fire
Cold Mastery, Fire Mastery, Flame Blast
Limit: Extinguished: Shutdown all Give me fuel, Give me fire powers vs. flame-retardant attack and gain 1 XP.
Limit: More hot than Cold: Jaru’s Cold Mastery must always be one die code lower than his Fire Mastery.
SFX: Bleeding Me: Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 to your pool and take 1d6 fallout, as Jaru pushes his body beyond it’s normal limits.
SFX: Immunity: Spend 1 PP to ignore damage or trauma from fire, heat, or cold for an entire scene.
SFX: Multipower: Use two or more powers in your dice pool, at –1 step for each additional power. You cannot use a power that drops below a 1d4.
SFX: Overkill: Step up or double your powers for the Scene, or spend 1 XP to do both. The second-highest rolled die is also taken as Fallout.
SFX: Hot Bod’: Upon successfully reversing the blow against a physical attack, Jaru may spend 1 XP to use one of the opponent’s die that they used for your new see, in addition to the one die you used before.

(PC) Jaru Lee

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