(PC) Richard Twidwell

A scrawny kid with an easy smile, Richard is sometimes overlooked as a middle child amongst the massive Twidwell family



Acuity: (5) 1d8
Body: (3) 1d6
Heart: (5) 1d8
Will: (9) 1d10

Selected Background: Well-rounded


I’m very patient (1) 1d6
Expressive Arts classes are fun! (1) 1d6
I can usually talk my way out of any situation (7) 1d10
I grew up working on a farm (2) 1d6
I make friends easily (2) 1d6
I’ve been playing harmonica since I was 8 years old (1) 1d6
Wren convinced me to sign up for dance class with her (1) 1d6


My first instinct is to trust people and give them the benefit of the doubt (-2) 1d6


Wren Robertson (4) 1d8
Jim Fierce (1) 1d6
Lily Haynes (1) 1d6
Unassigned Relation Stepups: 5


Beat up varmint rifle 1d4
First aid kit 1d6
Bicycle 1d6
Harmonica 1d8
My dad’s hunting rifle 1d8
Scarf 1d10

Gear from the armory (1d10 in Bright Days):
Laser Pistol 1d8
Armor 1d8
Survival Kit 1d8


Personal Belief: We’re all in this together, you should treat everyone like family. (1) 1d6

Personal Sin: “Tom Sawyring” (sloth) (1) 1d6 – Richard has a knack for talking people into all sorts of things, even things that they might not really want to do or have time for. Richard sins when he convinces someone else to do his schoolwork or chores for him, and more generally when he takes shortcuts by having someone else do something that it is important he see to himself.

Description: Power Corrupts
1 XP when I use my powers to accomplish something I otherwise couldn’t
3 XP when I avoid using my powers unethically, even though it jeopardizes what I am trying to do
10 XP when I use my powers unethically

Description: Let’s make a deal
1 XP when I benefit from taking advantage of an oath that someone has sworn
3 XP when I swear a binding oath to someone
10 XP when I convince a powerful ally to swear themselves to helping the Dragons oppose the Doomguard

Nature: Caregiver (1) 1d6
Demeanor: Gallant (1) 1d6

Adore it (d8): Family, Wren
Love it (d6): hunting, saving the day
Like it (d4): Blues music, spirited discussions

Despise it (d8): being upstaged
Hate it (d6): keeping secrets from friends and family
Dislike it (d4): artsy pretentious literature, drunkards

Experience: 10
Reflection Points 5


This farm boy is a little naive and optimistic to a fault. Richard is a pleasant and courteous young man usually dressed in hand-me-downs from his many older siblings.

Richard’s Scarf

The Twidwell’s scarves all have a background that runs toward earthy browns and greens reminiscent of rows of neatly tended crops. The green and brown wool is Ma Twidwells’ own homespun, colored with dies grown on the family farm. Intersped with the rows are distinctly colorful strands, small bursts of color where friends and family weave in threads of their own favorite colors. Richard’s scarf has lines of silver and gold running through the length of it connecting a stylized sun on one end and moon on the other, representing both the running joke with his brothers that he’ll be a millionaire some day and the old saying about friends being silver and gold.

Richard is incredibly happy with how his scarf came out and the dozens of little loving touches that everyone worked into it. It has a nice bit of flair, but for the most part it’s mundane and homely and simply lovely. When he’s upset he can look it over and remember all sorts of memories that remind him he’s part of a loving family in a caring community and there’ll always be someone to share the load. For instance, when he was first learning to play harmonica he came up with a simple tune that he’d play for his baby sister when she cried. She loved it so he played it constantly, to the point where almost everyone else in the family was driven to distraction. Richard didn’t notice it until they showed it to him after the party, but there’s a spot about a third of the way from the moon where the weave changes slightly and incorporates knotwork- the brown and green rows made a musical staff and melody from his little song is written in the knotwork.


Blue Blooded Kindred
Enhanced Senses (1,d6)
Incredible Durability (1,d6)
Political Mastery (1,d6)
Animal Control (1,d6)

Limit: Power Corrupts: Some Ventrue grow paranoid, ever more wary of rivals’ desires (real or imagined) for their own holdings. Others become willing to do whatever it takes to acquire the smallest iota of additional power. Still others turn inward, delude themselves as to their ability and importance, or trouble their minds with other maladies. Step Up the die code for emotional or mental effect die when Richard takes Damage or a Condition.

Kindred Vampire
Incredible Speed (1,d6)
Incredible Stamina (1,d6)
Incredible Strength (1,d6)
Incredible Reflexes (1,d6)

SFX: The Predator’s Taint. The beast is tame in Richard and its ferocious nature is at his beck and call. Richard always recognizes those with Limit: Vampire* and knows the power ratings of all their Vampire powers. If Richard has more Blue Blooded Kindred powers of a higher dice code than those with Limit: Vampire have in their Vampire powers, he can also step up the lowest dice in his pool during a social attack against them.
*GM’s note: Limit: Vampire includes anything that has Vampire in the Limit’s name, including, but not limited to Psychic Vampire, Kindred Vampire, or Karma Vampire.

Limit: Hunger: Turn a Kindred Vampire power into a Condition to gain an Experience Point. You recover that power at the end of the conflict, or for the price of 1 XP.

Limit: Kindred Vampire. Earn 1 XP when affected by Kindred Vampire specific powers, SFX, milestones, or events.

Limit: Vampire Weaknesses: Conditions and Damage inflicted by fire, sunlight, or wooden stakes can be stepped up by one die code to gain an Experience Point.

Lord of the First Estate
Decorum Mastery (1,d6)
Emotional Mastery (1,d6)
Oath Mastery (1,d6)
Mind Control (1,d6)

SFX: A Bloodsucker with refined tastes When attacking a restrained or helpless target of noble descent, add 1d6 to your pool and step down your physical damage. If Richard drinks any other kind of blood, he gains the condition ‘Nauseated’ at 1d8 for 1 round, and gains no benefits.

SFX: Courtoisie On a reaction against a Emotionally Damaging attack action, inflict Emotional Damage with your effect die at no XP cost or spend a XP to step it up by +1.

SFX: Purfidy: Upon dealing Emotional Damage, or an Emotion-based condition, for 1 XP, Richard can Step Up the Die code of his Effect Dice.

SFX: Sweetest Sin: When Richard uses a target’s personal Sin as a Flaw, he steps up its Die Code by one.

Pale Horse

(PC) Richard Twidwell

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