A simple, portable gaming device.


They Gooey is designed to support 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit games. More importantly, it is also used to help people learn how to design and create their own video games. Here are the most popular titles currently on the Gooey Marketplace:

Bishop Of Battle: Vehicular combat
Bone Storm: Fighting Game
Dropdown: Puzzle
FPS: First Person Shooter
Global Domination: Shoot ’em up
Ms. Marpel Madness: Puzzle-Platformer
Raise Hell: Chemistry Trivia
Shovel Commander: Platformer
Starfighter: Vehicular combat
Sumo Slammers: Fighting Game
Wizards And Warlocks: Action-Adventure-Maze
Word up!: Word Puzzle

The Gooey has an even smaller handheld made only for playing games, the Goowee, pictured below.




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