A popular portable gaming device.


A thin but powerful tablet-sized handheld with pad controllers along each side. It is powerful enough to render rich graphics and be immersive, sleek enough to fit neatly in a bag, and Interface-capable enough to handle all of the known verbs. It is able to interact with media streamers or similar devices so that it can broadcast to the TV. Lastly, it has a battery that lasts. It is, in other words, a platform that can handle every kind of game.

It has such popular titles as:

Crab Warz: 1st Person Shooter
Eschaton: Action-Adventure
Extreme Beach Chess: Board Game
Jaded: Dating Sim/RPG
Binford Brawlers: Fighting Game
Outstanding Champions: Fighting Game
Rap Factory: Music Game
Revolution: Open World RPG
Spaghetti Zone: Platformer
Speedin’ Around: Massive Multiplayer Open World Racing Game
Swamp Boater: Tactical Shooter/Racing Game
Tech Crunch: Real Time Strategy
Verb+Action Masters: Puzzle Game



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