Bright Days at Rocky Mountain Pendros High

Saddle up!
Never trust a time traveler with a dousing rod

All this talk of dragons and powers was interesting, but when Richard’s powers came to him in the blink of an eye, suddenly everyone was telling him that HE was one of the chosen dragons and he would have to leave Bright Days. Sure enough, about a week later he was standing guard at the new containment tower when the dragons returned. They had a lot of questions and Richard did the best he could to bring them up to speed with the duplicates and hear about how they had been fighting to save the universe.

It turned out that they had only been in the other Pendros for a few days of their subjective time before returning to Bright Days to recruit the assistance of Richard and Mayor Waters. Richard was apparently a person of great influence in the other world, and the mayor had assisted that world’s Sasha (who was some sort of great warrior) in an epic battle. Sasha convinced them she could help them if she could speak with “Runningwater”. Rather than risk bringing her to Bright Days they braved the journey home to bring him to her.

Most people in town were eager to see how the chosen dragons would do on their tests, since now their education had more meaning and importance than ever… but the dragons made the decision to leave Bright Days without taking any time for their studies or testing. After a quick stop at the armory and a minor security incident, the six travelers were on their way. Gauge set the course with a dousing rod imbued with his time powers and the group slogged their way across Cora until he finally found the dimension they were looking for- more than 150 years too early. Too bad he didn’t have time to practice his time powers while he was at Bright Days…

The heroes arrived at the ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the completion of Silvertons new cathedral… the previous one had burned down in a mysterious lightning storm. The story came out that the Maximoffs had recently moved in from New York and quickly bought up most of the town’s silver mining industry and other businesses. Main Street had been renamed Maximoff Street. The Maximoffs had sponsored the rebuilding of the cathedral with that reality’s Richard handling the financing and we were all invited to a celebratory dinner at the Maximoff estate as guests of honor. Richard speaks with an inventor named Mr. Pendros and discovers that the Maximoffs are suppressing investment in technology that would allow profitable mining of the local Zinc deposits.

Taki and Jayne locate Johnathin, an accountant at the local bank and immediately ask him about his books. Jon assured them that is accounting books were all in order, and that he couldn’t imagine why a cavalry officer and a chieftain’s daughter would be interested in his books. Failing to take the hint they continue to press him to talk about his books when Jon scrawls a message on some accounting paperwork that he handed them on a pretext… it indicated that they were being listened to and if the dragons didn’t leave right now they’d probably get them all killed. Gauge and Zoey departed with Nikos and were immediately passed a covert message when they entered the carriage. The message indicated that ‘they’ had moved up the timetable and would be acting tonight. Nikos talked Gauge into sharing the message and revealed(?) that they had been working together to oppose the elder Maximoffs and that the message meant that there would be an attack on the mines that night- immediate action was necessary to protect the miners.

Jayne's Law of the Conservation of Dragons

Jayne’s Law of the Conservation of Dragons states that simply where a Dragon exists a copy of that Dragon must always exist.

In the simple case, Taki leaves Bright Days Pendros and goes to the Knights of the Kindred Pendros. The act of BDP Taki entering into KOTKP causes a dramatic transference of the excess Taki to the source world Bright Days Pendros. Such that only one Taki can exist in any given world.


The Rulez – Don’t give anyone information about Jumpers, Walkers, or Travelers if they don’t already know it.

Mundanes – Mundies
Jumpers – Jump between Dimensions
Walkers – Walk through Planes (Multiple planes in a Dimension)
Travelers – Time Travelers
Dragons – All of them

Find Jon
Paragon – Where Dragons Go (Good Seeds Go To Paragon)
Po – Left over of worlds that did exist, or will exist (Bad Seeds Go To Po)
Kora – What is left over of time
Dragon = Heroes of Existence

When one person leaves, a double replaces them.

Existence (Battle of Entropy)

Portals Back
River Styx – All worlds All realities All time All planes (chaotic and one way)
World Serpent Inn – Walkers and Jumpers will lead you there. Doorways/Hallways that lead to other worlds. Patrons are very powerful and may be members of the doomguard (neutral ground) Ask someone for the right door – Only Dimensions and Planes
Sigil the City of Doors – Sits atop the infinite spire, located in the middle of the eternal planes. An item or phrase will allow you to walk through a doorway to teleport you to Sigil (All Planes, Dimensions, and Times)
Infinite Stairway – Difficult to navigate. (All Planes, Dimensions, and Times),

Doom Guard
3 Types
Accelerationists – The multiverse isn’t progressing towards entropy fast enough.
Decelerationists – Presense of life is the natural state. They oppose entropy to preserve life.
Statists – Everything should stay the same.

Don’t Break Masquerade
No Making Kids
No Diablre

Spena Warriors – Invictus Knights.
Infused and Mages – Residential Areas

Remove the Queen from power.



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