Campaign MIlestones

The Curse of Crimson’s Throne: On a world long since forgotten, a foolish young dhampire named Crimson made a dark pact with even darker powers in her quest for power and recognition. Unlike most whom make such dark pacts, Crimson found a way to escape, and now plagues existence with a constant cycle of death and rebirth. This constant abuse of the laws of reality strain the multiverse, and the Dragons must stop her before it’s too late!

Meepo don’t know: Long ago, the Kobold Meepo became a champion and living vessel for the god Beat. His adventurers took him far and wide, and although most found him annoying, he was occasionally useful. This is how his Dragon-soul also lived; annoying, but helpful. However, when Meepo found the Paragon empty, he took it upon himself to save the multiverse, and did so by projecting himself into multiple worlds, instead of obeying the Dragon laws of birth and death. Now, his actions have destabilized multiple timelines, and some believe it was his actions that destroyed the multiverse.

Cigma Engines

The Time War

The Pharaoh of Time

The Last Unicorn

Poe and Ravenloft

The Taki Crystals

Darden’On’s War

The Dragon’s Truths

Forever Winter and The Doomguard

Jaru Lee’s Demons

Blood Goddess Zoe

Jayne’s Wish



Campaign MIlestones

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