Flaws are representations of a hero’s weaknesses and are generally either Specialties or Relationships.

An opponent may chose to use your flaws in their dice pool against you. Each time the GM uses one of your own flaws against you, you gain 1 PP. The first time that each of your flaws is used against you by the GM you gain XP according to the following chart:
1d4 1XP
1d6 2XP
1d8 3XP
1d10 4XP
1d12 5XP

In spectacular circumstances, a player may be able to justify adding his own Hero’s flaw to his dice pool. In such an event it acts as a normal Specialty or Relationship would, however after using it, add a die to the doom pool equal to the size of that flaws dice size. No XP or PP are rewarded for this type of action.

Leveling Flaws: At the end of a session, the DM may decide that a Hero’s flaw was significant enough during the game that it should be increased. When this happens the flaw is increased by 1 point at no RP or XP cost.

Under most circumstances, a flaw should not be increased if it was also diminished through the use of Bliss during that session.

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