Plot Points

Plot Points (PP) are the currency of play. You earn them by investing in the story or taking risks, and you spend them to enhance your hero’s actions, activate opportunities rolled by the GM, and more.

How many PP do I get?
You start the game 1 PP. You may increase this amount by 1 for each XP you spend, up to a maximum of 5 PP. You only lose PP when a new act starts, in which case it resets to 1. Unless a new act starts, your PP roll over from session to session. 5 PP is the Maximum amount you may have at any one time.

How do I spend PP?

At any time…
Gain a hint
Make a small change to the setting

Before you roll, Plot Points may be spent to do one of the following

  • Push your dice pool with a d6.
  • Add in an extra dice from a dice group (This allows you to add one addition dice from any of the "From the Character or From the Situation.) It only provides 1 additional die and it cannot be a die that is already used in the pool i.e., you cannot use the same thing twice.
  • Add a stunt die for your Power Set or Trait.
  • Activate certain special effects (SFX) in a Power Set.
  • Activate an opportunity rolled by the GM.

After You Roll, PP may be spent to do one (1PP) or two (2PP) of the following

During a Transition Scene
Create a Resource

How do I earn Plot Points?

Plot Points may be earned when you…

Plot Points

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