Reflection Points

Reflection Points can be spent in the following manners; these must be explained and justified:

  • Add a point to any stat, trait, flaw or power once.
  • Add two points for the price of one to any stat, trait, flaw or power, if you’ve spent serious game time improving it (such as learning from a teacher, practicing, etc).
  • Create a new trait or flaw starting at a 1 point.
  • Remove a Flaw and assign it’s points into another Flaw. (With the GM’s approval)
  • Remove a Trait or Relationship and assign it’s points to to another Trait. (With the GM’s approval)
  • Gain a new Power at 1 point. You must have an explanation for why you’re getting it.
  • Gain a new SFX for a Power set.

Gaining Reflection Points:

  • At the end of each session, you receive 2 reflection points.
  • You spend 10 XP at the end of the session. This can only be done once a session (so no spending 20 XP for more Reflection Dice).

See Also: Step Up and Step Down

Reflection Points

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