Character Creation
Divvy your character’s Stat Points between the four Stats. Your character’s Stats are added together to determine your Situation dice (see below). Each Stat starts with a rating of 2, and no stat can have a rating higher than 10. If you want a stat to be higher, this means your character has surpassed normal human capabilities, and should be seen as a justification for gaining an ‘Incredible’ power, like Incredible Intellect or Incredible Strength. You may have no more than a total of 24 points total in your Stats.

  • Acuity: More dice in Acuity means a character who’s perceptive, alert, educated, clever, savvy or well-read.
  • Body: More dice in Body means a character who’s big, healthy, strong, wiry, muscular, tall, graceful, quick, or steady.
  • Heart: More dice in Heart means a character who’s compassionate, attractive, charming, gentle, courageous, enduring, loyal, and likable.
  • Will: More dice in Will means a character who’s tenacious, aggressive, confident, unflinching, strong-willed, or unshakable.

Situation Dice
Your stats are used to determine your Situation Dice. Every dice pool contains one Situation die. To determine what the die size that corresponds to each situation, add together the points of two stats and use the corresponding chart to determine what your Situation die code is.
- Social: Acuity + Heart. This is used when your character is involved in a Social Conflict (Example: Lying).
- Mental: Acuity + Will. This is used when your character is involved in a purely Mental Conflict (Example: Chess).
- Spiritual: Heart + Will. This is used when your character is involved in a Spiritual Conflict (Example: Resisting Temptation).
- Physical: Body + Heart. This is used when your character is engaged physically, but not fighting (Example: Foot Race).
- Melee: Body + Will. This is used when your character’s fighting hand to hand (Example, Swordplay).
- Ranged: Acuity + Body. This is used when your character’s making a ranged attack, (Example, Firing a Gun).

Situation Die ratings to corresponding dice code:
1. 1d6
2. 1d6
3. 1d6
4. 1d6
5. 1d6
6. 1d8
7. 1d8
8. 1d8
9. 1d8
10. 1d8
11. 1d10
12. 1d10
13. 1d10
14. 1d10
15. 1d10
16. 1d12

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