Pendros prides itself on its Traditions. They keep the town running smoothly, and they generally keep everyone (mostly) happy.


The Town’s organization is made up of nested domains of spiritual authority, called Stewardship. Stewardship forms a hierarchy of responsibility. Each individual is responsible for anyone who falls within their Stewardship, and they are responsible to whomever holds Stewardship over them. At the end, you’ll be judged for how you fulfilled your Stewardship. Those who oversee another are called Stewards.

Young Children } Older Children } Uncoupled Adults } Coupled Adults } Elders } Head of the Family

  1. Everyone in a family should live up to their role in the family.
  2. Parents should keep care of their children.
  3. Children should help their parents.
  4. Heads of the family are responsible for their family’s actions.
  5. Heads of the family are expected to provide for their families, educate them, and defend them.
  6. Elders are to be respected, and Elders are to be obeyed.
  7. Adopted children should never be treated differently than blood children. Adopted Children are as Blood.

Local Duties
Citizens } Business Owners } Town Officials } Rangers } Sheriff } Mayor

  1. If you are paid to do a job, do it, or return the wages.
  2. If someone does a job for you, pay them a fair and living wage.
  3. Elected officials should do their best to address their citizen’s needs.
  4. Citizens should pay their taxes

Pride can enter into Stewardship when:
- You think that you’d do a better job with someone than that someone’s Steward.
- You think that your convenience is more important than your Stewardship, so you don’t attend to it.
- You think that fulfilling your Stewardship obligations means you deserve recompense or special consideration.
- You think that the person with Stewardship over you doesn’t deserve it, so you don’t have to listen to them.
- You use your Stewardship over someone as though it were power, not a responsibility.
- You favor some of the people over whom you have Stewardship above the others, seeing to their needs preferentially.


Sin are immoral acts, and are transgressions against the community. By avoiding sin, one strengthens the whole community.

  1. Do not be violent without just cause.
  2. Do not cheat other people.
  3. Do not steal from others.
  4. Do not willfully cause harm to other people’s stuff.
  5. Do not conspire against another person or profit from another person’s misfortune.
  6. Do not be silent while in the presence of sin.
  7. Do not demand the love of, or impose your love upon, someone who doesn’t love you.
  8. Do not act as though you love someone when you really don’t.
The Declaration of Pendros

When Pendros was founded long ago, the citizens made a declaration, and its rules are still the cornerstone of the community.

None shall be hungry while another is full.

None shall be cold while another is warm.

None shall want when another has plenty

If all would help others, all would be helped.

All shall give more, and all shall take less

All shall be kind, and all shall be valued

All shall survive, or all will pass on.


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