Name a couple of people with whom your character has a relationship, and assign some of your Relationship Dice to them.

Don’t create very many, and leave most of your character’s Relationship Dice unassigned! You can assign them to the people your character meets after play begins, so save a bunch of them for that.

Otherwise just name a person or two, say who they are to your character, and give them dice. In play you can give your character Relationships with institutions, places, and even concepts or feelings, but for now stick with people.

Like with Traits, the number and size of the dice you assign to your character’s Relationships don’t have to reflect the closeness or significance of the person to your character. You might write “my older brother, whom I worship and with whom I’ve always been close and caring 1d4” and “this old man I saw once across a field 2d8.” Assign the dice based on how interesting you think the relationship is.

Only assign a single size die, like Traits. 2d8 is fine, 1d4 1d6 isn’t.

And also like with Traits, a d4 Relationship will complicate your character’s life.

Family: Whenever your character meets someone from their family, you can write that person as a Relationship on your character’s sheet at 1d6 for free. You never need to spend Relationship dice on your character’s kin, in other words, unless you want the Relationship at some other dice than 1d6.

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